• Niko’s and Santtu’s gaming tournament


Niko’s and Santtu’s gaming tournament

Thursday—Saturday, 3.—5.8.2023

ASSEMBLY Summer 2023

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A real LAN hall battle royale is on the horizon as Niko and Santtu determine the winner among 100 players.

“Who is the best player will win 1000 €”.

This summer, the Tonnihaasteet challenges, which have garnered millions of views on Niko’s and Santtu’s YouTube channel, will also arrive at Assembly! Are you the most versatile gaming ace at Assembly? In the tournament hosted by Nikon and Santtu, several popular games will be played. In each game, the best players will advance towards the final and compete for the €1000 prize. The tournament requires versatile skills in PC, console, mobile, and IRL gaming. There will be competitions for Minecraft, Mario Kart, as well as IRL and mobile games.

The tournament date and registration instructions will be announced later. The first game will be Fall Guys!

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