• Demoscene Competitions


Demoscene Competitions

maanantaina 20. syyskuuta 2021

At Assembly Creative Tech 2021 you will see a tightly packed combination of demoscene art productions from graphics, music, and real-time competitions.


It is time to compete in excellence using creativity as a weapon. This time we have combined some competitions, since we only have one night instead of a full weekend. Let's enjoy it to the fullest!

It is your time to write history, as all competitions contribute to UNESCO cultural heritage! Combat will be fierce and prizes for the best will be given! Competitions are sponsored by our partners Supercell and Housemarque <3!

Demoscene Competitions at Assembly Creative Tech 2021

We will have a total of four different competitions at the event;

Combined Demo

Demo, 1K, 4K or Oldskool, entries must be executable.

Wild / Short-film

Normally in Real Wild the platform can be anything that can run real-time graphics. This time Wild and Short-film competitions are combined, so the entry can also be for example a computer generated video.

Combined Graphics

Freestyle, pixel, photo, 3D graphics, as long as its a still image in the correct file format the method of creating it is up to you!

Intermission Music

New, unique compo for music! These songs will be heard during the event intermissions, at the Finnish National Opera and Ballet Almi Hall foyer.



Deadline for all entries is Friday 29th of October. Entries must be submitted to

Combined Demo
  • Entry must be in an executable form. Pure animation files are not allowed in real-time competitions. Also executables only including an animation and an animation player will not be accepted

  • Every competition has their own maximum duration shown but organizers may choose to stop the production before the end

  • The production must work from read-only media and must not modify system settings (for example: Windows registry). However, you may use the platform's standard temporary directory during the execution of your entry for storing data if such a service is available

  • The demo must show in a similar manner every time executed

  • Entries which we cannot be run on the compo machines will be disqualified. To prevent this you can ask us to test your production on the compo machines. Do this early and you will even have time to fix any problems that might pop up

  • A screenshot image must be submitted with the entry to the competition management system

  • You must hide the mouse cursor. Visit this Pouet thread for help

  • Although not forbidden, we recommend not using import by ordinal for DLLs with non-fixed ordinals to ensure better compatibility

  • Entries will be recorded at 1080p60 resolution keeping the aspect ratio.

  • Demo may not last longer than 5 minutes

  • Entry must run on a Desktop or Oldskool platform.

    • Desktop is Ryzen 9 5950X, Asus TUF RTX3090 OC, 128GB RAM.

    • We are able to capture most of oldskool platforms, but contact us if you plan on making demo on obscure hardware. You may also record it yourself. 1920x1080p60 h256 with 30Mbit bitrate.

  • The user has to be able to exit at any time by pressing a key. On PC this key must be ESC

  • While there is no specified size limit, we still expect it to be reasonable (i.e. something that fits on an average USB stick). As long as you can deliver it to us by uploading through the party system

  • The author needs to have permission to use all third party content used in the entry.


Wild / Short-film
  • The production must be submitted in a supported video format

  • The film may not last longer than 5 minutes

  • The author needs to have permission to use all third party content used in the entry Videos will be shown on VLC. We record material as 1920x1080p60 h256 30Mbit bitrate.

Combined Graphics
  • The only supported image formats are PNG, JPG and FBX. Only RGB colour space allowed — no CMYK images

  • If the original image was in vector format you may include the image in the submission package also in SVG format. However, the PNG or JPEG image will be the primary submission and will be shown on the big screen

  • Pictures will be shown in 1920x1080 resolution with full 24bit color depth

  • Submit a version of the final image with NO visible signature. Name this file with 

    prefix (e.g. 
     for the final image and 
    for unsigned version of the same image)

  • You don't have to submit an image with a signature, only an unsigned version is necessary

  • A text file named "readme.txt" stating used techniques and sources of any material used in the entry must be submitted. If possible, we will tell the information about the techniques when showing the pictures on the big screen and when voting for them in the entrying/voting system

  • Once more: entries without a no-signature version will be disqualified

  • 3D-formats are recorded to video with 3D-viewer tool FOXOTRON. More information about tool can be found from Foxotron wiki

  • The author needs to have permission to use all third party content used in the entry


Intermission Music

Intermission music is a event-special competition. As event locates in more classical theatre location, between presentation we have intermissions outside event hall. Usually this includes chatting and beverages with background music. This time the background music is the actual competition. Music entries will be played atleast twice, and you can live-vote on each intermission.

  • There are no restrictions on composing techniques. Just make sure it's an original piece and in a supported format

  • All entries must be 100% original and unreleased. No covers, no remixes, no copyrighted material

  • If you are using Creative Commons or Public Domain material, state so in your entry form and cite the source! Do not forget to give credit where credit is due!

  • Supported formats are 320kbps MP3, HQ OGG, WAV and FLAC

  • A preselection jury will be held to comply with the time limit of each compo (30 minutes). So do your best! If your entry is not shown, it will not be released by Assembly

  • If you want to mention a specific platform in the song info (optional), it must be truthful. For example if you say this tune is a .sid, then it may not contain anything else besides the .sid (converted into the entry format)

  • Volume control (ReplayGain or similar) will be applied. Making the tune as loud as possible gives no advantage

  • Entry must be no longer than 3 minutes!


See the Assembly Competition Contract here Summer21 Competition Rules



A total amount of 2 500,00€ will be given out as prizes to Top 3 of all competitions.


If you have any questions regarding competitions, you can reach us at or Assembly Discord #support channel. Don't forget to also join our IRC/Telegram channel #SceneLounge on Telegram or #scenelounge at IRCnet.

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