• Game Development 2023 entryt julkaistu!
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Game Development 2023 entryt julkaistu!

perjantaina 28. heinäkuuta 2023

Game Development compon entryt ovat nyt julkaistu ja valmiina pelaajia varten! Tutustu peleihin ja muista äänestää suosikkiasi kesätapahtumassa. Compon mahdollistaa HypeHype.


ASSEMBLY Summer 2023 Game developmentin entryt ovat nyt julki! Iso kiitos HypeHypelle compon mahdollistamisesta.

Tänä vuonna saimme mitä siisteimpiä entryjä niin lupaavilta kuin kokeneemmilta pelinkehittäjiltä. Tutustu nokkeliin, kauniisiin ja hullunkurisiin peleihin, jotka ovat ladattavissa tai pelattavissasi ilmaiseksi.

Muistathan myös äänestää lempipeliäsi Assemblyilla ollessasi!

The Great Couch Battle (definitely a working title) By TGCB

Screenshot: Link Description: A local multiplayer game for up to 4 players Techniques: Windows, Unity, couch, popcorn Gamefile / Link: Download

Stochastic Gravity Enjoyers By Hackers/Extend Coalition

Screenshot: Link Description: Be a Gravity Architect! Family Friendly Fun is to be found at the gravity tracks of the near future, designed by you! Engaging puzzle game for all ages Techniques: 2017.3 Hackers Demomaking Technology, OpenGL, zero polys but couple of shaders Gamefile / Link: Download

Delta Sleep By Team Jumping Weasel

Screenshot: Link Description: The despicable Dream King has emerged from the dream realm to conquer the real world. It’s up to four young dudes to battle Dream King’s imaginary forces and save the day. The game combines platforming with turn-based JRPG-inspired combat mechanics. Techniques: Unity, Photoshop, Audacity Gamefile / Link: Download

What is a Steering Wheel By Tekotuotanto

Screenshot: Link Description: A driving game without steering! That turns every curve into a puzzle. Techniques: Unreal Gamefile / Link: Download

Sunescape By Rockatana

Screenshot: Link Description: The reseachers went too far and everyone turned into monsters. Use different weapons and grenades to fight your way through randomly generated levels. Your goal is to escape the solar system! Techniques: Unity Tools: Blender, Substance Painter, Audacity, Cascadeur, Mixamo, Photoshop Gamefile / Link: Download

Keyboard Karaoke By Mielikki

Screenshot: Link Description: Not provided Techniques: Unity, Keyboard, Stable Diffusion (art) Gamefile / Link: Download

Bukkit Rokkit By Verkel & Faeriel / Palloeläin Productions

Screenshot: Link Description: You are Captain Calamari, the invincible spacefaring squid sent to conquer planets by your employer, the Awesome Animal Candy Factory. Distant planets are full of candy, you are told, so the best course of action is to blow them up and haul the candy back. Unfortunately, the deep space seems to be chock full of nasty creatures trying to block your venture. You are not sure why they stand in the way of your expedition, but they sure do want to shoot you full of holes. So to reach your objective, you need to steer your free bukkit to victory and blast those hostiles to where they came from. Steer your ship with WASD, aim and shoot with mouse. Your goal is to get as far as possible until you meet your demise. Green asteroids seem to contain heaps of yummy health cubes! You take note of this precious information and will use it to your advantage. Techniques: Unity, Blender, DOTS, HDRP Gamefile / Link: Download

Disk1 By iiKster

Screenshot: Link Description: The game is in the folder "Disk1", run "disk1.exe" to play. Techniques: Anger, frustration, disbelief, disappointment, and Unity. Gamefile / Link: Download

Muovimiehet By xxx887

Screenshot: Link Description: Windows PC, Game controllers are required! Supports up to 8 players (8 controllers). Use cursor to do menu selection. Techniques: Unity Gamefile / Link: Download

Maze Eater By Victor-Manuel Godoy & Potato Chan

Screenshot: Link Description: You are a maze eater! Hunt all the dots along the way and don't miss any! Techniques: Made with HypeHype Gamefile / Link: Play


Screenshot: Link Description: A cart, a character and the question of utmost importance: how far can you yeet? Techniques: Made with HypeHype Gamefile / Link: Play

Totem Valley By Victor-Man

Screenshot: Link Description: Fit standing on top of the goal tile! Techniques: Made with HypeHype Gamefile / Link: Play

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