• Haunted Village


Haunted Village

Saturday, 9.9.2023

Assembly x PowerPark 2023

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Come and experience the horrors in the Haunted Village during the Season End Party!

PowerPark fulfills the chilling wishes of the audience, and the highly popular Haunted Village returns once again, more astonishing and terrifying than ever before! On this eerie autumn evening, the Haunted Village opens its doors exclusively to the amusement park’s closing day guests. In the Haunted Village, anything is possible – anyone or anything could be lurking around the corner. Come and experience an interactive and spine-chilling adventure! This is not recommended for the faint of heart. Do you dare to attend?

The Haunted Village is not included in the PowerPark wristband or in the Assembly x PowerPark wristband, but requires a separate attraction ticket. You can acquire the Haunted Village ticket at the entrance of the Haunted Village, at the amusement park’s service point, or at ticket kiosks. A limited number of customers are allowed into the Haunted Village at a time. The age restriction for entry is 13+, but those under 13 years of age can enter accompanied by a parent or guardian. The Haunted Village is brought to you in collaboration with Noora Karma Productions.

Take a peek in the Haunted Village by checking the 2022 Season End Party video below.

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