• PowerPark Battle Royale


PowerPark Battle Royale

Saturday, 9.9.2023

Assembly x PowerPark 2023

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Participate in the thrilling Battle Royale competition where skill, knowledge, and luck can lead you to become the sole winner.

On Friday and Saturday, PowerPark will see the true battle of the players, when the public can participate in a massive battle royale. Several games are played in the competition, and in each game only a part continues to the next round. In the end, only one will emerge as the winner!

The specific games to be played will be revealed during the competition, but be prepared for trivia games, skill-based games, and even physical challenges!

Battle Royale is on the Content Corner stage on Friday 8 September. at 18:00 and on Saturday 9.9. at 14:00.

To participate in the race, register on site.

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