• Demoscene competitions


Demoscene competitions

Thursday—Sunday, 1.—4.8.2024

Assembly Summer 2024

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Once again we offer a wide range of demoscene competitions at ASSEMBLY Summer! We are bringing you the usual competitions including the already established Fantasy Console compo, and a refined AI Wild compo where anything made with AI goes.

Assembly Summer 2024 Competitions

  • Demo
  • 4k intro
  • 1k intro
  • Oldskool Demo
  • Beginner Demo
  • Real Wild
  • Fantasy console
  • Game Development 
  • Short Film
  • Tracked Music
  • Listening Music
  • Dance Music
  • Fast Music
  • Photo
  • Freestyle Graphics
  • Fast Graphics
  • AI Wild

Compo rules

Read the rules here.

Prize money and pool of 10 000€ distribution

1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Demo1 000 €500 €200 €
4k intro500 €250 €150 €
1k intro500 €250 €150 €
Oldskool Demo500 €250 €150 €
Beginner Demo300 €200 €100 €
Real Wild300 €250 €150 €
Fantasy Console300 €150 €100 €
Game Development350 €250 €150 €
Short Film250 €150 €100 €
Tracked Music250 €150 €100 €
Listening Music250 €150 €100 €
Dance Music250 €150 €100 €
Photo250 €150 €100 €
Freestyle Graphics250 €150 €100 €
Fast Music0 €0 €0 €
Fast Graphics0 €0 €0 €
AI Wild0 €0 €0 €


Prize money is TAX-free as Assembly Organizing Oy has applied for tax exemption from the Finnish Tax office as a significant art competition. See


Submitting entries

The entries will be sent to

Make an account and send your entry before the deadline.

Have fun participating and good luck! 😉


Game Development
Friday , July 26, 18:00 EEST


Dance Music, Listening Music

Photo, Graphics, Fast Graphics, Short Film, Tracked Music

Fast Music, Tracked Music

Real Wild Demo, Fantasy Console

AI Wild

1k into, 4k intro, Demo

Jury duty

An open jury is held for several compos. In the jury, the submitted performances for the competition are reviewed, and any that violate the rules are disqualified. If there are more entries than can be accommodated in the show, the ones that make it to the broadcast and in front of the large audience are determined based on the points awarded.

The schedule indicates the times for the open juries. If you wish to participate, arrive at the compo base well before the jury’s starting time.

The compo base can be found at the Summer 2024 event, through the door located between Hall 7 and G and Y.


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