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Assembly is the biggest computer festival in Finland and the biggest demoscene event in the World, organized time in 1992. These days Assembly is organized two times a year, once in winter and once in summer.

The event provides a lot to see and experience centered around gaming, computer hobby, and digital trends. Assembly hosts the largest LAN area in Finland, multiple program stages, and the EXPO area for our partners to host and display their own activities. The party  program consists of shows revolving around computer culture, seminars, contests, and meeting similar-minded people. Assembly is a place to play games, meet friends, follow the show, take part in activities and tournaments, and discover what the different partner stands have to offer.

Tickers are sold in two kinds:

  • LAN seat tickets for party goers with their own equipment (computer, console)
  • visitor tickets for single or multiple days for those coming without the need of a dedicated seat in the LAN hall

Read more about tickets here.

If you are a parent thinking about letting your child visit Assembly, please read our info package for parents.

Opening hours and the venue

ASSEMBLY Summer 2024 is held on August 1-4, 2024, in the Helsinki Exhibition Centre.

The doors open on Thursday, Aug 1 at 12:00 and close on Sunday, Aug 4 at 16:00. The event is open around the clock, 24h. Multiple-day ticket holders are entitled to enter the sleeping hall in the Exhibition Centre. The LAN area is open 24h but the EXPO area is closed during the night.

EXPO area opening hours

  • Thu Aug 1 at 12.00-22.00
  • Fri Aug 2 at 11.00-22.00
  • Sat Aug 3 at 11.00-22.00
  • Sun Aug 4 at 10.00-14.00

Please note that some of the exhibitors may close their booths after Saturday.

Ticket Sales Opening Hours

  • Thu Aug 1 at 10.00 (premium) / 12.00-22.00
  • Fri Aug 2 at 10.30-22.00
  • Sat Aug 3 at 10.30-21.00
  • Sun Aug 4 there is no ticket sales on door. Tickets can be bought from Tiketti.

Security check and wristband exchange 24/7.

Wristband exchange and ticket sales

All tickets to the event are personal and they will be exchanged into wristbands at the entrance. With the wristband, you may leave and enter the event again freely.

Visitor tickets are sold at the entrances during the opening hours of the ticket sales. Computer place tickets are sold only in the online ticket shop. You will find QR codes at the doors, with which you can purchase your ticket online at any given time.

Outside of the ticket sales opening times, the event’s security personnel will help you to exchange your PURCHASED ticket for a wristband.


The event venue Helsinki Exhibition Centre is located in Pasila with great transit connections. You can arrive by train, tram (lines 7, 8, 2), or by bus (e.g. lines 59, 69, 506, 510). The venue is located 500 meters from the Pasila train station. If needed, HSL travel guide can help you choose the best public transit option.

There are two entrances into the event:

  • Visitors with LAN seat tickets enter through Northern Entrance (address Ratapihantie 17). Quick stopping for unloading is possible. However, after unloading vehicles need to leave or go to the parking hall.
  • Visitors without computer tickets enter through the Southern Entrance (Messuaukio 1), the main entrance to the Exhibition Centre.

A child’s parent may escort their child to the computer place and help them unload their equipment to the computer place. This policy holds for leaving as well. Other visits during the event are not possible for parents without their own ticket.

There is a security check at the entrance. Please read about forbidden items.


Computer place ticket holders are recommended to park in the Exhibition Centre parking hall, Expo Car Park. The Expo Car Park is within walking distance from the loading door 5.6.

Visitor ticket holders are recommended to park in the Siipi parking area. It is a short walk away from the Southern Entrance to the Exhibition Centre.

The parking is handled by Euro Park.  We recommend that you purchase your parking ticket in advance.

For more info please check Exhibition Centre parking info.


Food can be found in the outdoor area of ​​Assembly, which can be accessed next to the Infodesk, as well as in the Messukeskus’ own restaurants.

Party Guide

We have put together a Party Guide, which is especially useful for Assembly Summer and Assembly Winter events, but you can also find useful information for other multi-day LAN events.

Sleeping and showers

Visitors with computer place ticket or multiple day tickets are welcome to use the provided sleeping area and showers at the Exhibition Centre. The sleeping area is in hall 2, and it is guarded by our staff who will help you with security in the area. You may bring your own mattress with maximum width of 80 cm (160 cm for couples etc. that sleep on the same mattress). The mattress can be filled with electric pump, but then the filling and emptying must be done outside of the sleeping hall.

Sleeping in a nutshell:

  • Hall 2 is for sleeping. It doesn´t have many conveniences, and sleeping without a mattress is uncomfortable.
  • Bring a mattress with you (at leas a sleeping pad), sleeping bag or a blanket, pillow and earplugs.
  • Don´t leave any of your stuff in the sleeping hall.
  • There will be some noise from the event and other sleeping visitors.
  • If your have some special needs about sleeping, contact our staff.
  • You can´t sleep in a tent because of fire safety.
  • Don´t make any pavilion structures in the sleeping hall.

The showers, separate for men and women, are next to the sleeping area in hall 2, and they are available 24 hours a day.


The event is fully accessible. It is possible to enter every hall and place with a wheelchair. The venue has accessible toilets.

Disabled persons may bring their assistant with them for free to the event.

The Expo Car Park offers free parking with the disabled id. If you use disabled parking, you must notify your car license plate number to the Exhibition Centre customer service desk.

Security and first aid

It is very important for us that our event is safe for all participants. Our event is alcohol & drug-free.

Security guards are present at the event all the time, and their job is to uphold the safety of everyone at the event. You can approach the security staff with any issues and they will help you to the best of their ability. If you notice any security issues or disturbances at the event, please contact the security staff immediately. Security staff is easily recognized by their yellow vests.

The event has free first aid staff on duty 24 hours a day. A certified paramedic is in charge of first aid. The on-duty paramedic can be found in the event area, and you may contact them through the info desk or security staff.

Forbidden items

  • Weapons of any kind (LARP or cosplay props that are sharpened in any way, regardless of the props’ material)
  • Edged weapons such as knives and pocket knives
  • Leathermans or similar tools with foldable knives (these are classified as edged weapons)
  • Explosives or fireworks (e.g. firecrackers are forbidden)
  • Alcohol, illegal drugs, or medicine without a prescription (if required by the law)
  • Laser pointers, laser pens, etc
  • Smoke machines
  • Dry ice (“kuivajää”)
  • Kickbikes, scooters, hoverboards etc
  • Big loudspeakers
  • Tents

Over the years people have tried to bring in e.g. wooden club (which was 1 m tall) and a double-edged hand axe, which were probably made for LARP games. Please, leave such items at home.

Alcohol & Tobacco & Drugs

You are not allowed to bring alcohol to the party place nor can you enter the party if you are intoxicated. Smoking is forbidden inside the party area. There is a separate smoking area outside the main entrance. Electronic cigars are also forbidden inside the Exhibition Centre.

Proper behavior and harassment contact persons

Everyone is welcome to Assembly as themselves. Our event does not condone any kind of discrimination, inappropriate behavior, teasing, or harassment. If you notice inappropriate behavior, please do not hesitate to notify any security person or staff member.

Age limits

Assembly does not have age limits. The event is meant for the whole family. The recommended age limit for persons participating without supervision is 13 years of age. Children under 7 years of age can enter free of charge with their guardian who has a ticket.


The cloakroom is open 24 hours a day for the duration of the event. It is located at the Southern Entrance. The service fee is 3 € for each visit. Payment methods include cards and cash.

Luggage lockers can be found at the Southern Entrance. They operate with cash only and cost 3 € per use.

Found goods

The Infodesk is open 24h and collects lost items during the event. You may also notify the Infodesk if you have lost something, and we will contact you if your item is found.

After the event all found goods are delivered to Löytötavarapiste (HTP Palvelut) in Kamppi. Please consider that the process may be delayed due to the registration and shipping of the items. More info about Löytötavarapiste.

Filming and streaming at the event

The event is filmed and streamed on behalf of the organizer and the visitors, so there is no guarantee that one might not appear in the photos and recordings made of the event, either live or afterward. By arriving at the event, you accept the possibility of being recorded/photographed.  

As far as the organizing body is concerned, you can request, for example, to remove the pictures taken of you visible in ie. the Gallery, but not everything can necessarily be deleted. Assembly Organizing cannot interfere with material taken by individuals.

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