• -JJ’s outdated gaming consoles 2


-JJ’s outdated gaming consoles 2

Thursday—Sunday, 1.—4.8.2024

Assembly Summer 2024

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Are you skilled in nostalgic games? Come experience -JJ’s outdated game consoles and compete for the ultimate retro master titles with these rarely seen devices.

-JJ is once again bringing a small selection of his own old game consoles for everyone to play. This time, in addition to just gaming, the focus is on competition using those classic 8-bit Nintendo, XBOX, and OUYA consoles. Each day from Thursday to Saturday, there will be both small individual competitions and weekend-long score-based competitions. And the best part? Prizes handcrafted by -JJ await winners in all categories!

8-bit. Nintendo’s legendary light gun game Duck Hunt turned 40 years old in April, so in honor of that, -JJ holds a Duck Hunt score contest for the whole weekend. Who will shoot the most accurately ducks and score the most points? In addition, there will be a daily points race in the Nintendo World Championship 1990 game, of which a new and modernized version has just been released for the Nintendo Switch. However, with -JJ you can show your skills in an American 8-bit. Nintendo and the original Super Mario/Rad Race/Tetris speed game with a strict 6 min. 21 sec. timing.

Every day at 17:00 a traditional Halo 2 deathmatch tournament for 2 to 8 players is played on the original XBOX consoles. Come and beat everyone in this old-school FPS classic—maybe even every day! With the OUYA, we engulf in playful mini-games throughout the weekend, as this console is at its most delightful in simple couch skirmishes. It’s bound to bring nothing but good vibes! 🙂

Welcome to play, hang out, and perhaps just chat and reminisce about games that you might not encounter as frequently nowadays. Detailed tournament and prize information will be available on-site. And hey, if you dare—challenge -JJ in Tetris! 😉
Equipment list
(NOTE: changes may be possible since you’ll never know when these kind of electronics stop working unexpectedly)

Original consoles:

  • European Nintendo 8-bit., Duck Hunt, maybe other games too
  • Ameican Nintendo 8-bit., Nintendo World Championship, maybe other games too
  • 2 pcs XBOX, with Halo 2 and an assortment of other games
  • OUYA, funny little minigames that are best with 4 players
  • Come check out what else -JJ may have brought with him!

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