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Thursday—Sunday, 22.—25.2.2024

Assembly Winter 2024

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Welcome to the SEUL booth for discussions on gaming, the gaming industry, and game activism!

At the SEUL’s expo booth, we have partners RoundsGG and Game Makers of Finland joining us. Throughout the weekend, you can meet SEUL staff, board members, and collaborators. The SEUL booth serves as a great place to sit down, recharge (both physically and mentally), and exchange news and updates.

RoundsGG introduces their Gaming Zone service at the booth, which offers turnkey solutions for outfitting gaming spaces for corporate events, youth centers, schools, or even garage setups. Additionally, visitors can participate in an Aim competition for a prize offered by CS Emperor, meet representatives from Digital Agency RAJU, and interact with RoundsGG players and staff.

Game Makers of Finland provides visitors with a test to discover the best roles for themselves in the gaming industry, as well as opportunities to meet game developers and discuss various career paths in the field.

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