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Media and press

Assembly is Finland’s oldest, largest, and most fun computer festival, focusing on digital culture and gaming. At the heart of the event are digital art, coding, demoscene, content creators, gaming, and entertainment, all presented in a diverse and abundant package.

In addition to rich content, Assembly places a strong emphasis on its audience: enthusiasts of gaming, demoscene, and digital culture, who come together to play, engage in hobbies, meet friends, see their favorite YouTubers and streamers, and especially participate in competitions, known as compos. There are several reasons participating Assembly, as the atmosphere at Assembly is unique. In the four-day 24/7 event, attendees can experience impressive media art pieces, camaraderie, entertainment, esports, competitions, and gain knowledge about new technologies and digital phenomena.

Accreditation and Press Requests

We welcome media outlets to our events. Press requests should be submitted well in advance of the event through the accreditation application.

Accreditation application and press requests

Interview Requests

Interview requests can be sent to

Also, explore these:

Media Kit (2022)

Assembly’s media kit (in Finnish)


You can learn more about Assembly’s 32-year history on this page.


If you have any questions, please email us at During the event, press inquiries are directed to the InfoDesk.


Press images

All press images can be freely used in connection with Assembly-related news or features. The origin and photographer must be credited when using a photo (e.g., “Tuula Ylikorpi / Assembly Organizing”). All images are in JPEG format, sRGB color space. Minor edits and cropping are allowed.


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