• TechRace by Junction


TechRace by Junction

Perjantai, 4.8.2023

ASSEMBLY Summer 2023

Osta liput

Join in a 3-hour mini hackathon as a team of 1-5 people.


Pe 13:30 – 17:30

Scene Lounge

TechRace by Junction

Junction, the world’s top hackathon organizer, is bringing TechRace to ASSEMBLY Summer 2023. TechRace is a chance to experience a mini hackathon in just 3 hours. All you need is your laptop and a team of 1-5 to solve as many challenges as you can. We’re excited to see who will
earn the most points and win the Junction Golden Ticket, the main prize.

During this TechRace event, you’ll receive a variety of challenges to solve, from programming puzzles to design problems, ranging from easy to hard. The team with the most points overall will be crowned “the techiest of them all” and emerge as the winners. So get ready to race!

*The challenges will be revealed when the hackathon starts!

What’s the prize?

The Golden Ticket is your direct access to Junction 2023 in Helsinki, Finland. Yes, that’s right! You’ll be heading to the world’s leading hackathon with complete accommodation provided. You’ll also have the exclusive opportunity to visit the Junction & Startup Sauna Headquarters and attend the champions’ dinner. At Junction 2023, taking place on November 10th-12th 2023, you’ll have the chance to connect with the best and brightest minds in the global tech community.

Requirements for participation

Anyone that resonates with the word “tech” and / or has ever written “Hello World” are welcome to participate! You can participate in teams of 1-5 people.


Registration is free and is done through the following link:

Hox! All members of the team should register themselves.

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