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Esports results

sunnuntaina 25. helmikuuta 2024

Assembly Winter 2024

At Assembly’s non-BYOC tournaments, Overwatch 2 and CS2 were played during the Winter event.

At the Assembly Winter 2024 event, Overwatch 2 was played on the main stage on Friday, February 23, to compete for the Finnish championship, and on Saturday, February 24, for the Assembly and RAJU Counter-Strike 2 championship.

In both tournaments, an open qualifying stage ensured that the best players advanced to the finals. In the OW2 tournament organized by FEL, the prize pool was 1000 euros, all of which went to the winner. In Assembly’s CS tournament, a total of 5000 euros was distributed, with 3500 € going to the winner and 1500 € to the runner-up.

RAJU x ASSEMBLY Winter Showdown CS2

1. ENCE Academy (HENU, S1rva, teme, myltsi, podi)
2. HAVU (puuha, Banjo, Airax, ottoNd, uli)
3.-4. RoundsGG (LYNXi, welho, Kollo, p12, m0n0xx)
3.-4. snYnck (Jyo fejtZ, eku, Wahtzz, xezr)

FEL Overwatch Cup 3: ESM 2024

  • SrPeakCheck (lhcloudy, vestola, clowd, ghost91, Masaa)
  • Everfrost esports (Depsi, unto, Zoom, M3WS, Olli)
  • ISOesports (Erikek, Sauna, Prep, Mickji, Jofi)


CS2 final
OW2 final

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