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Assembly Creative Tech 2021

keskiviikkona 22. syyskuuta 2021

Demoscene competitions, Assembly x Opera Beyond concept competition Pitching Event and presentations on creative technologies will fill up the Almi Hall at The Finnish National Opera and Ballet and Assembly stream on November 5th of 2021.


Osallistu Assemblyn uuteen iltatapahtumaan paikan päällä tai striimin välityksellä! Demoscene -kilpailuja, Assembly x Opera Beyond -konseptikilpailun finaali ja puheenvuoroja taiteesta ja teknologiasta jotka täyttävät Suomen Kansallisoopperan Alminsalin sekä Assembly -streamin 5. marraskuuta 2021. Ilta on kaikille uteliaille, joita kiinnostaa mitä uutta taiteen ja teknologian yhteentörmäyksestä seuraa. Teille, joita teknologian rajat eivät pelota. Edelläkävijöille, jotka valjastavat mielikuvituksensa uusien teknologioiden mahdollisuuksien testaamiseen. Ennakkoluulottomille kokeilijoille, jotka luovat taidoillaan jotain odottamatonta. Kutsumme kaikki uteliaat, tekijät ja kokijat nauttimaan koko illan tapahtumasta, vihdoinkin paikan päällä! Demoscene compoja järjestetään tässä tapahtumassa neljä; Combined Graphics, Intermission Music, Wild/Short-film sekä Combined Demo. Katso lisää sivuilta; 

Assembly x Opera Beyond konseptikilpailun neljä finalistia on valittu, ja heidän pitchauksensa nähdään Alminsalin lavalla illan aikana! Voit tutustua tiimeihin ja seurata kisan etenemistä Opera Beyondin sivuilta ja Assemblyn somesta.

Assembly Creative Tech 2021 - overture for technology and art

Join us live or via stream, for an evening of art and creative technologies! With the Assembly x Opera Beyond competition we are aiming to take Live to new heights, and with the Assembly Creative Tech 2021 event we are inviting all of you to enjoy a different kind of night at the Opera.

An evening for those, who are deeply passionate about technology. Those who are curious to explore how art and technology collide in new ways. Those who are not afraid to push beyond the limits set by technology. Those who harness their creativity and imagination as tools to explore new ways to use technology. Those who play open-mindedly with their technological skills to create something unexpected. We invite all curious to come and experience this new event together and finally meet each other in real life!


Combined demoscene competitions, Concept competition finals, presentations on creative technologies and of course the Prize ceremony! All this, plus a few surprises in just one night! In addition to the shows seen on stage, the viewers at home can enjoy some exclusive interviews and behind the scenes material on the stream. The whole program and event will be in English.

Demoscene Competitions

Assembly rises from the roots of the demoscene. At best demos are a piece of handmade art put together with passion and high level of skills. In this event, you will see a tightly packed combination of demoscene art productions from graphics, music, and real-time competitions. Join us at the venue to see the impressive works of art on the big screen, and vote for your favorite! You can also follow the whole program and vote online. See more at Demoscene competitions

Assembly x Opera Beyond -  Pushing the limits of new immersive technology 

The Finnish National Opera and Ballet and Assembly organized together an open call for teams to propose creative technological concepts that take live performance into new heights. We have now chosen the top 4 finalists out of dozens of comprehensive applications, and these teams will be pitching their ideas at the event. By the end of the evening one team will be chosen as the winner. Which one are you rooting for? See more at 

Sarah Brin - Coming Home to the Metaverse

In this presentation, futurist and senior producer Sarah Brin demonstrates some of the historic lineages of expansive storyworlds, and distills some key design principles for creative technology practice, worldbuilding, and meaningful connections with audiences

Annette Mees - Building new kinds of theatre, together

Why should theatre makers work with technologists? The rapidly changing technologies offer a chance to explore how we make anew. Together they can broaden how we connect to stories and one another. Annette Mees has made immersive theatre and playful experiences for over 20 years and next week she will be lifting the veil on how to build creative teams that cross tech and theatre.


The evening will be full of interesting program and intermission breaks to meet up with old and new friends!

The doors will open at 3:30pm and close by 11pm. See the full schedule at Schedule page



Gather your friends and grab tickets now to this exclusive offline event, where you can meet up face-to-face with about 400 of other Assembly-goers, for the first time in a while!

All entry tickets are 30,00€ per ticket. Please note you need to be over 18 to join in on the fun, as we will be having some adult-only refreshments available for purchase during intermissions.

To buy the tickets, a dropshop will open up to the right hand side of the page. You can also buy tickets directly at liveto Liveto Assembly Creative Tech 21 Tickets are not numbered, but seats are divided into three different sections of the hall. You can see more info about the venue and the seating chart at Venue page

Please note; We are following the guidance and regulations by local health authorities regarding Covid-19, the safety of our staff and attendees is our highest priority. We expect people to stay home if they feel sick, and use a facemask at the event. These precautionary measures may be modified based on the expected and actual situation at the time of the event. At this time (beginning of event week, 1st of November) there are no restrictions regarding events, and thus we can not use the covid pass.


Assembly event is made possible by our partners, who want to show some love to the demoscene!

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