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Assembly KIDS

Sunday, 4.8.2024

Assembly Summer 2024

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Assembly KIDS Debuts at Assembly Summer: Enjoy family fun with obstacle courses, gaming, cultural expos, and a meet and greet with Korpedictus from 10 AM to 2 PM.

Assembly KIDS will be organized for the first time at the upcoming Assembly Summer, on the last day of the event, Sunday. The program, aimed at children, offers a unique opportunity to explore the Assembly event with the whole family from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Coinline’s Olympia Obstacle Course: Children and adults can challenge their agility and speed on the obstacle course. This activity provides fun exercise and a sense of competition for all participants.

Korpedictus Stage Program and Meet & Greet: During the day, you can play games with Korpe as part of the stage program, followed by a meet & greet session – unforgettable moments and photo opportunities await!

Nostalgic Arcade Machines and Modern Games: Travel back in time together with nostalgic arcade machines or experience the thrill of modern technology with games like Nintendo Switch and VR. The event offers a chance to experience gaming culture from different eras.

Kotae Expo: Get to know Japanese and Korean culture, where games serve as a means of cultural learning. This area provides cultural enrichment and entertainment for the whole family.

K-pop Random Play Dance: Popular RPD games are coming to Assembly! You can participate in this programme for free at Messuaukio from 10:00 AM onwards. More info at a separate program page. K-pop is also a part of our indoors program with spectacular K-pop dance intermission performances on the stage.

SuperPark Indoor Amusement Park: This area is full of excitement and fun, while parents are offered a comfortable place to sit and watch their children. This ensures that parents can also relax and enjoy the day.

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