• Assembly KIDS: Korpedictus


Assembly KIDS: Korpedictus

Sunday, 4.8.2024

Assembly Summer 2024

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Assembly Kids presents: Korpedictus!


Sun 07:00 – 11:00

Content Stage

Korpedictus @ Assembly KIDS

Tule pelaamaan Korpedictuksen kanssa. Lopuksi Meet ja Greet! Väliaikaesitykset tarjoavat k-pop tanssiryhmät EXECUTE ja HEATWAVE!

Kasper, also known as Korpedictus, is bringing a dose of humor and good vibes to Assembly! On his YouTube channel, he creates a wide variety of videos: humorous sketches, cooking videos, and much more that will make you smile and enjoy. The YouTuber will entertain the audience with gaming sessions on Sunday followed by a Meet & Greet!

Are you a gaming enthusiast? Are your Mario Kart skills pure gold? Come compete in a game-themed Kahoot or challenge Korpedictus in Mario Kart on Sunday from 10-12.

Intermission shows by amazing k-pop groups EXECUTE and HEATWAVE!

After the program, there’s a chance to meet Korpe in a Meet & Greet! Come say hello.


Hey! We are EXECUTE a 10 member dance group from Helsinki. Today we have five of our members performing with a theme that has not been seen often from our group. We have been waiting for a long time for the opportunity to perform this song, which many k-pop fans like as well as we do, and we were lucky to be able to perform it here. Now that we have our jeans on we are ready to perform. I hope our self-confidence is transmitted to the audience as well.


Here comes the Heatwave! Heatwave is a five person project lineup including people from different dance groups from Helsinki. With our performance we wanted to bring back nostalgia from 2013 with a hint of quirkyness that will make your heart go rum pum pum. Remember to stay hydrated and use a lot of SPF, because this Heatwave is about to take over!

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