• First Time Guide

First Time Guide


We’re happy that you want to enjoy the Assembly experience for the first time!

The following instructions are intended to walk you through the most important steps of preparing for, coming to, and enjoying your time at Assembly.

Get a ticket, bring your friends

To enter Assembly you need to buy a ticket. They are sold on our website but you can also buy them till 22:00 each day at the party’s Southern Entrance (Messuaukio 1). Check out the schedule from this page. You’ll find QR-codes at the entrance, with which you can easily purchase the ticket online at any time. There are quite a few options on buying a ticket which are explained in the tickets section.

If you bought a ticket in advance, remember to print your e-ticket and bring it with you – you will need it to receive the wristband for entering the party and to register with our party management system.

Also, you will have a lot more fun at the party place if you take your friends with you. Friends also come in handy when you would like to stroll around in the party place and need someone to watch your stuff.

Pack your gear

Depending on what you want to do at Assembly you need to bring different stuff, so take a look at the event’s program to plan ahead.

The most typical items to bring are your computer or console, a sleeping mattress, and some cash. Some people also like to bring kitchen equipment like microwaves and fridges whereas others bring their sound systems and blinking lights.

Have a look at the packing list which you can use as a checklist.

In any circumstances you should definitely pack comfortable clothes and personal hygiene products with you. Pack your computer well and take your friends with you.

Make the trip

Getting to the party place is pretty easy – we have compiled traveling instructions that explain how to get to the party under different circumstances.

As many people will try to enter the party place at almost the same time there is also a separate guide for getting in.

Party on!

Once you made it to the party place and have your computer or console set up you can start enjoying the party.

A good idea to start with is by taking a walk around the party place and take a look what other people do. You will see people playing games, programming or you might stumble into a sport or music event.

Don’t be shy – if someone does something interesting then go and talk to them.

What? Sleep?

Nobody will force you to sleep, but use your common sense: it is downright impossible to stay awake for the whole party. You will feel much better if you take naps now and then. A good part of the program happens during the night, so the best time to sleep is probably in the early hours of the day (05:00 to 11:00).

Remember, that you need to bring a sleeping bag and air mattress – all we offer is a concrete floor.

Go with the flow

The party is about you (and a few thousand other people) – however, there is no atmosphere except the one you create. So, take your good humor with you and try not to get stressed out.

There will always be delays, minor, or even major problems, and the fine organizers of Assembly will always be doing their best to solve them. Just do not take it too seriously and you will have a good time!

Everything that has a beginning has an end

Similar to when everyone arrives on the first day there will be many people leaving at once after the final events. Take a look at the leaving guidelines to help everyone get back home quickly and safely.

We are here to help you

If you have any questions, contact us or – once you’re at the party – come to the InfoDesk (which is staffed at all times during the party) and we will gladly help you.

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