Torstai—Sunnuntai, 4.—7.8.2022

Assembly Summer 2022

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Tule mukaan IGDA:n aloittelijaystävällisiin työpajoihin! Sisältöä tarjolla myös kokeneemmallekin konkarille.

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Toteutamme useamman työpajan, joiden aiheet liittyvät pelien kehitykseen ja koodaukseen yleisesti. Kohderyhmänä on pääasiassa aloittelijat, mutta sisältöä löytyy myös hieman edistyneemmillekin. Voit siis tulla mukaan vaikka sinulla ei olisi minkäänlaista kokemusta ohjelmoinnista, kunhan halu tutustua aiheeseen löytyy. Sisältö sopii myös perheille ja nuorille. Tule siis mukaan vaikka koko perheen voimin opettelemaan ohjelmoinnin saloja. Mukaan tarvitset oman (kannettavan) tietokoneen. Työpajoihin otetaan rajallinen määrä osallistujia.

IGDA will bring several workshops to Assembly. The topics are related to game development and coding in general. The target group is mainly beginners, but there is also content for more advanced coders and game developers. So you can join even if you don’t have any programming experience, as long as you have the desire to learn more about the subject. The content is suitable for families and young people. Come along with your whole family and learn the secrets of programming. Bring your own (laptop) computer with you! A limited number of participants are accepted for the workshops.

Friday and Saturday: Scratch Workshop

Tutustu Scratch ohjelmointiympäristöön Druid workshopissa. Scratch on aloittelijoille suunniteltu ympäristö ohjelmien ja pelien kehittämiseen.
Se toimii selaimessa.

Tarvitset mukaan oma tietokoneen (kannettava). Ota valmiiksi käyttöösi Scratch selainversio
Workshop koostuu introsta Scratchiin ja ohjelmointiin sekä parista harjoituksesta. 2 x 45 min, 15 min tauko välissä. Alle 12 vuotiaat vain vanhempien seurassa.

Workshop pidetään Creative Zonella IGDA workshop pöydissä.

Ajankohta: Perjantai 15.00-17.00 ja lauantai 13.00 -15.00

Mukaan kumpaankin workshoppiin pääsee 10 ensimmäistä tulijaa. Erillistä ilmoittautumista ei ole.

Friday: Tutustuminen 3D-mallinnukseen (IGDA Finland / MiTale)

Modeling Workshop With Oskari Tamminen Workshop in Finnish.
Tutustutaan yhdessä 3D-mallinnukseen Blender ohjelman avulla. Mukaan tarvitset tietokoneen ja Blenderin ( valmiiksi asennettuna.

Ajankohta: klo 19.00-21.00

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Saturday: Character Design Concept Art Workshop with Natasha Skult (IGDA Finland / MiTale)

Workshop in English.
The workshop is designed to give a wide perspective of terms and practices in character design and utilizing shape language, color theory and visual storytelling (composition, perspective, light, texture, balancing, etc) as a part of concept art production. No previous knowledge nor experience in art production is required, one can use any digital or analogue drawing tools (papers and pens will be provided at the workshop).

Timing: Saturday 11.00-13.00

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Saturday: Minecraft Mod Workshop with Ren Soharab (Quicksave Interactive)

Workshop in English.
Description and requirements: Minecraft, created by Mojang, is one of the most popular games in the world and has been for a while now. There are a number of ways to play the game, whether its building, combat, or redstone, which makes the game fun and enjoyable. Even though Minecraft is as fun as it is, there are ways of making Minecraft even more fun, by adding new features, items, mini-games, and much more. In this workshop we will mainly be focusing on Modded Minecraft, we’ll take a look at what could be possible with Mods, set up a Modded Minecraft workspace, and start with the absolute basics of creating a mod!
Bring own laptop and make sure to install following tools:
– Minecraft Java Edition (We will be using 1.18.2)

– [](
– Java Development Kit
– []( (I recommend the “x64 Installer”)
– Minecraft Forge
– []( (Download “Recommended” Installer)
– MCreator
– [](
– Workshop Resources
– [](
– Workshop Slides
– [](

Timing: Saturday 13.00-15.00

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Saturday: Game Boy Workshop with Samuli Jääskeläinen (Varjo)

Workshop in Finnish or English depending on the participants preferences
Description and requirements: Learn how to make a game boy game with GB Studio. No previous game development experience needed, you are welcome to join in with your own laptop or just come to watch and learn. We will cover pixel art creation, level design and basic game logic using visual programming. Participants will also have an opportunity to run their own game on a real game boy at the end of the workshop.

Bring own laptop and make sure to download these tools before the workshop:
GB Studio:

Timing: Saturday 19.00-21.00

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15.00-17.00 Scatch Workshop (Druid)
19.00-21.00 – Oskari Tamminen: Tutustuminen 3D-mallinnukseen  (IGDA Finland / MiTale)

11.00-13.00 – Character Design Concept Art Workshop with Natasha Skult (IGDA Finland / MiTale)
13.00-15.00 – Minecraft Mod Workshop with Ren Soharab (Quicksave Interactive)

15.00-17.00 Scratch Workshop (Druid)
19.00-21.00 – Game Boy Workshop with Samuli Jääskeläinen (Varjo)


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