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Assembly is celebrating its 30 year anniversary this summer! Assembly Summer 2022 is held at Messukeskus in Helsinki, August 4-7, 2022. We welcome everyone to join the party with us and help us make this event a true spectacle. As always, the festival is yet again bigger than ever before as we have added more LAN seats and more stages to host the multitude of content we have to offer. On top of the TRVE LAN PARTY experience the program includes fresh demoscene content, casual gaming and competitive esports, and expo area for our partners to expand the menu even more with their program. Full program is always up to date on our website:

Demo competitions?

Looking for demo competition rules and information? Here you go.


Arrival info in English is available on Messukeskus’ website:


Ticket prices

Tickets can now be purchased through our ticket sales partner

Computer places

Standard – 89€
Standard+ – 99 €
Premium – 130 €
Premium K-22 – 135 €
Family – 99 €
*Oldskool – 79 €

Visitor tickets

Thu-Sun – 54 €
Fri-Sun – 43 €
Sat-Sun – 28 €
Thu – 23 €
Fri – 23 €
*Oldskool Thu-Sun – 33 €

*You need to fill in an application to be able to purchase Oldskool tickets.

Buy your tickets here!

Covid info

We closely monitor the development of the corona situation in Finland and follow the current guidelines of the authorities.

Currently there are no event-related restrictions in place.

In addition to this, we have made special arrangements to ensure everyone’s safety. The width of a singular computer place has been increased to one meter (1m), i.e. the old 80cm computer places will be removed. We are investing in good hygiene and cleanliness of the venue with increased cleaning routines and the distribution of hand sanitizer in multiple locations, and we recommend the use of a face mask when close contact cannot be avoided. Assembly Organizing, as well as Messukeskus is committed to the Safe Events program, which you can view at this link (in Finnish).

It is recommended that you attend the Assembly only completely healthy and asymptomatic.

More information on Messukeskus’ covid principles:


If any crucial information is missing in English, feel free to contact us at:


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