• Food and Drink

Food and Drink

At the event, you will find an outdoor area with food trucks. In addition, there are open cafes and restaurants in the Messukeskus premises, where you can find a bite to satisfy both big and small hunger. You can also bring your own snacks to the area.

Outdoor area

The food trucks in the outdoor area follow the EXPO area opening hours.

Crusty Pizza

Opening hours: according to expo area

Crusty Pizza offers its New York style pizza once again in Assembly. This year they have in their menu their trademark margherita supreme with fresh mozzarella, crispy pepperoni, vegan pepperoni with Santtu’s Seitan pepperoni and colorful and fresh Italian pizza with rucola, cheese and half dried tomatoes. See you at Assembly, enjoying pizza!

Feri’s Sausages

Opening hours: according to expo area

Feri’s Sausages offers tacos and chips! Check them out.

Dah Boba

Opening hours: according to expo area

Dah Boba is a company specializing in bubble tea and dessert treats, offering dessert lovers Asian taste experiences. Dah Boba has several different bubble tea options, slushies, iced coffees, smoothies, Vietnamese smoothies and sandwiches on its menu, as well as everyone’s favorite bubble waffles.

Mr. Delicious

Opening hours:

  • Thursday 12-05
  • Friday11-05
  • Saturday 11-05
  • Sunday 11-05

Mr. Delicious is a food truck that specializes in mouth-watering kebab rolls, pita, hamburgers, and hot dogs. Mr. Delicious’ mission is to bring delicious and fresh street food to the communities and beyond. They started our journey with the simple idea of serving high-quality, affordable food on-the-go. With plenty of experience in the fast food industry, they have curated a menu that caters to different tastes and dietary preferences without compromising quality or flavor. Using only the freshest ingredients ensurse every bite of their food bursts with flavor. The chefs prepare your orders on-site for a hearty culinary experience that satisfies your cravings every time. If you are looking for tasty snacks or a quick meal that hits all the right spots, come visit Mr. Delicious at Assembly!



Opening hours:

  • From Thursday 14:00 to sunday 14:00
  • Open 24h / day during the event
Food vending machines

There are several food vending machines available 24 hours a day during the event.

Fair Buffet by Pihka

Offers delicious buffet-lunch and dinner.

Opening hours:

  • Thursday 11-19
  • Friday 11-19
  • Saturday 11-19
  • Sunday 11-19

Price of the buffet: 13,80€

Café Lilla Stringberg

Café Lilla Strindberg offers a wide selection of coffee and tea as well as salty and sweet treats.

Opening hours:

  • Thursday 12-22
  • Friday 09-22
  • Saturday 09-22
  • Sunday 09-12

Opening hours:

  • Thursday 07-10 & 17-20
  • Friday 07-10 & 11-24
  • Saturday 07:30-10:30 & 11-24
  • Sunday 07:30-10:30 & 11-23

Access to the Platta restaurant is from the outside in front of the southern (main) entrance.

Cafe 7 container

Open according to the EXPO area’s opening hours.

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