• Cosplay competition


Cosplay competition

Saturday, 5.8.2023

ASSEMBLY Summer 2023

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Cosplay competitions at Assembly Summer! The competition includes separate categories for costumes and performances, either individually or as a group, and the audience has the opportunity to vote for their favorite as the Audience’s Choice!

Cosplay is a multifaceted hobby that combines fandom, craftsmanship, acting, and many other different skills! Cosplay is a popular hobby worldwide, and everyone makes their costumes however they want. Some make their costumes from scratch, some modify ready-made clothes, and others buy costumes ready-made.At the cosplay competition at Assembly, awards are given based on the costumes for Best Individual and Best Group, based on performances for Best Individual Performance and Best Group Performance, and based on audience voting for the Audience’s Choice.


Best Individual: €400

Best Group: €400

Best Individual Performance: €100

Best Group Performance: €100


You can read the rules (in Finnish) here.


Registration is done through a Google Forms form. Individual competitors and group competitors have their own forms. The competition organizer will contact the registered participants by email, so please also check your spam folder after registering!

The individual category is full, and those on the waiting list will be notified separately if any spots become available.

Register for the group category:

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