• Demoscene competitions


Demoscene competitions

Thursday—Saturday, 3.—5.8.2023

ASSEMBLY Summer 2023

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Art for the demoscene lovers.

We have again a wide range of demoscene competitions at Assembly Summer event! We are bringing you the usual competitions and a few newer ones which we incorporated on our list last year: In-Game Short film and In-Game Photo competitions. And as a new bonus we have the Fantasy Console competition!

Assembly Summer 2023 Competitions

  • Demo
  • AI Graphics
  • 4k – intro
  • 1k -intro
  • Oldskool Demo 8-bit & 16-bit
  • Oldskool Demo 32-bit & 64-bit
  • Real Wild
  • Fantasy console
  • Game Development
  • Short film
  • Tracked Music
  • Listening Music
  • Dance Music
  • Fast Music
  • Freestyle Graphics
  • Fast Graphics
  • Photo
  • In-Game Photo
  • In-Game Shortfilm

Compo rules

Read the rules rule here.

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