• Living Room by Sekasin Gaming


Living Room by Sekasin Gaming

Thursday—Sunday, 3.—6.8.2023

ASSEMBLY Summer 2023

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Come and play in Sekasin Gaming’s living room, game and chat company available!

At our stand, in addition to activities, you can get to know more about Sekasin Gaming and our activities. Sekasin Gaming is Finland’s largest online community offering low-threshold support to more than 25,000 members. Our community has a strong culture of voluntary support. Support from social professionals is also available for those who wish. In addition to support, our server has chat rooms, friends and game buddies. You can read more about us on our website



  • Relaxed gaming in the spirit of co-op or pvp
  • Small contests with Sekasin stuff as prizes!
  • We also have classic card and board games
  • You can win a limited edition Sekasin Gaming bucket
  • Chat and support is available
  • Sekasin Gaming meet

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