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Unreality choir

Friday, 4.8.2023

ASSEMBLY Summer 2023

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Choir arrangements of everyone’s beloved video game music!


Fri 17:30 – 18:15

Main Stage

Unreality Choir

Unreality has joined #paraspelimusa.

A concert of video game music all-stars and the most beautiful 8-bit earworms. Unreality Choir invites you to listen to legendary game tunes.

Zelda, Monkey Island, Skyrim, Mario Bros, Minecraft, Portal, and many other classic games with their tunes will receive a new interpretation in Unreality’s own arrangements by their singers. The choir is on a roll, so get your headset, check your sound card, and prepare for the debate in the #paraspelimusa channel.

Unreality is a 35-member mixed choir specializing in film, animation, and video game music, led by Jari Koivistoinen. Founded in 2014, Unreality is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Photo credit: Mikko Karsisto.

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