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Influencer seats

Thursday—Sunday, 3.—6.8.2023

ASSEMBLY Summer 2023

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Full-service computer spots for influencers! Come say hello to your favourite influencers.

Influencer seats from the Winter 2023 event are coming back. Assembly, in collaboration with Jimm’s PC Store, offers an exclusive package for ten influencers and their friends. This time, the area is even better and in the best possible location in front of the main stage.

Check out the influencers of ASSEMBLY Summer 2023 and come say hello to them in person!



We are Hanna and Tiia, or NOON&MUUDS and we make quality entertainment on social media in our semi-irresponsible way 😎 We actively stream on Twitch, make videos on YouTube and we also have two podcasts. Everything can be found under the name NOON&MUUDS


Hey! I’m Coflor, these days I’m mostly on Twitch, although there’s a nice channel on Youtube. Maybe a comeback there?

Nowadays, the content is mainly distributed around a few bigger games, and I enjoy what I play and post even though I’m competitive! As good as possible in everything I do, but I always fail at the finish line..
So let’s play, for example, Valorant, Dead By Daylight or a game like Only Up. Sometimes even more boring “dad jokes” are included! 😉



My name is Jenita, better known as Gerkko. I was born in 1993 and I’m a really nice person! I like cats, music and good video games.
My main channels are Instagram and TikTok, but occasionally I stream and do YouTube.



My name is iipsuli, former Miss MP and nowadays known as a talking bean pot whose live shows rarely get to experience a quiet moment🤪

It’s amazing to be able to participate in the Assembly event again, and during the event you can find me at the influencer seats and presenting on the stage. 😎

See you at Assembly 🔥


In 2011, JayEm started as a creator of YouTube game videos, a multi-game nerd whose heart beats for Overwatch, Kingdom Hearts and Rayman, among others. Over the years, through ups and downs, JayEm has formed a nice community where everyone is welcome 😊


Hi there, I’m JuhoFlow and I make funny videos on social media. But recognized by entertaining sketches and addictive series. I’m going to show off my awesome gaming skills to you followers!

Keep an eye on my YouTube channel Juho Flow, because there will surely be fun content from Assy!



LojoNorth started in 2017 as a variety streamer and content producer, with a passion for Viking history and mythology. Different games are played on the channel regardless of the genre. Lojo is also known for various characters that visit the channel, the most famous of which is Tropico’s dictator El Presidente. Everything is done with a twinkle in the eye, with a good sense of humor and fun first! Welcome to the North!


Hello! I’m Marianna aka Maiskuuu, Streamer from Tampere.

I stream various games on Twitch, e.g. Call of Duty Warzone 2, as well as travel and karaoke. I look forward to seeing you at Assembly, hanging out and playing together!
I’ll give you a thumbs up if you spot me on the spot 🤗 See you there 😍


Hi, this is Mikke. I am an active visitor to Assembly, and I visited for the first time in 2018. I started making Some in 2018 under the nickname “Mikkews”. I started by making game videos and partly the same process continues even now. My content is no longer focused on games, but they haven’t been forgotten and won’t be forgotten either!

Muumipaqpa/Edi ja Samppa

Sampa is an up-and-coming Tiktok user who makes life wisdom and funny videos for Tiktok. Samppa and his friend Edi started making Tiktoks during March and they totally went viral. They have already gained a lot of followers all over Finland during their Tiktok career of a couple of months.


I’m Essi more often known as Pessinen, I produce versatile content for the twitch platform.
My content includes talking, solving problems and playing games. I am also part of an almost weekly podcast talk show.
Snapchat: pessinenn



Hey. I am known as RaxuPlays on YouTube. I have been making videos for many years and my biggest videos were back then “back in the day”. Now I’ve moved away from YouTube a bit and done other things, but activation on the streaming side should happen! A lot of people recognize me from these old videos and it’s still great to be able to participate in such events. Hope to see you at Assembly.

Assembly is sure to be great as always, so come and have fun!


Hey everybody! Greetings from SupremeJey, a 35-year-old Twitch streamer from Varsinais-Suomi. I am a passionate gamer and digital content producer. I started playing around the time of the Nintendo 8-bit and continued the hobby enthusiastically until these days. It is a great pleasure to represent the RCTIC Stream Team at ASSEMBLY Summer 2023. In addition to content production, I am studying media for the last year. My family consists of my partner and my lovely daughter, and we also have two sphynx cats. Let’s make this together a memorable event and there will be plenty to talk about for a long time to come. See you in August at Assembly <3

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