• SEUL Gaming Lounge


SEUL Gaming Lounge

Thursday—Sunday, 3.—6.8.2023

ASSEMBLY Summer 2023

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Relax, chill out, recharge, play some games, and have casual discussions about esports with representatives from the industry.

This year, the Finnish Esports Federation SEUL, two member organizations, and Game Makers of Finland will comprehensively showcase esports, gaming culture, and its stakeholders to the visitors at Assembly. In the shared exhibition area, gamers can relax and recharge both themselves and their devices.


The Finnish Esports Federation (SEUL ry) serves as the central organization for Finnish competitive gaming, aiming to promote and highlight electronic sports and the activities of its members.

The Federation’s mission is to increase the awareness and appreciation of electronic sports.

Game Makers of Finland

Game Makers of Finland provides information to Assembly visitors about entering the gaming industry and opportunities for studying in the field. Additionally, there will be a raffle and a survey to assess the current situation and future prospects of esports players.

Game Makers of Finland is a professional association for gaming industry professionals and students.


At Assembly, Incoach organizes a treasure hunt and offers the opportunity to get tips from coaches of different esports.

Incoach is Finland’s leading company in esports coaching, with a mission to make esports coaching accessible to all gaming enthusiasts. The company’s services are already used in 60 locations in Finland and are part of the daily lives of over 2000 young individuals.


At the RoundsGG booth at Assembly, visitors can participate in a CS:GO skill competition and 1v1 matches. Representatives from the organization and team will also be present. On Saturday, the creator of CSGOLENS service, Juha Kiili, will visit the booth.

Founded in 2023, RoundsGG Oy is an esports service organization with a CS:GO team competing at the ESEA Advanced level.

At Assembly, RoundsGG Oy will launch an innovative solution for digital gaming, education, and event organization, including powerful computers, peripherals, software, and esports services integrated into gaming tables.


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