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Cosplay Walk-on

Saturday, 3.8.2024

Assembly Summer 2024

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Do you have a stunning cosplay just waiting to be showcased to a big audience without the pressure of competing? If you answered yes, the Cosplay Walk-on is just the thing for you!

Cosplay Walk-on is a new addition to Assembly’s program, where cosplayers can showcase their costumes on the Assembly Main Stage either individually or in groups!

Cosplay Walk-on is not a competition, but an opportunity to celebrate cosplay regardless of if the costume is self-made, bought or modified. Participants register to the Cosplay Walk-on with a separate registration form before the event. Each participant must have entry to Assembly either by buying a visitor ticket, computer place or by volunteering as an organizer at the event.

The Cosplay Walk-on is held as part of the Cosplay Competition on the Assembly Main Stage.

Cosplay Walk-on Rules
  • Each participant must have entry to the ASSEMBLY Summer 2024 either by buying a visitor ticket, computer place or by volunteering as an organizer at the event. The event will not provide entry for Walk-on participants
  • It is possible to participate in the Walk-on either individually or as a group of 2-9 people
    • Participating groups must be cosplaying from the same source
  • Cosplays can be from any type of media; comics/manga, movies, animation, TV-series, video games, book or even tabletop role playing games, as long as the design is not fanmade or the participants own character (OC)
  • There is no age limit to participating in the Cosplay Walk-on, but particularly young participants should have a guardian or older sibling with them
  • Participants must provide at least one picture, preferably a full body picture, of the character they are cosplaying as. The picture will be shown on-screen during the participant’s stage time.
  • Participants must state is their costume is self-made, bought or modified from existing clohting/parts.
  • Prohibited costume props at Assembly and in the Cosplay Walk-on are;
    • weapon replicas
    • wooden and metallic baseball bats
    • long, metallic chains
    • real hunting and sports bows
    • all knives and scissors made of metal
    • props and toys that are capable of shooting any type of ammunition (airsoft guns, NERF guns etc.)
    • props that are over 180cm long or tall, regardless of material
  • Information provided in the registration form as well as a separate narration text will be narrated by the MC when the participant is on-stage.
    • Narration will be done in Finnish and English.
  • Each participant and group has the same amount of time on-stage. On average the narration is 1min30sec in length, thus it is recommended to prepare several different poses.
    • It is not possible to use separate audio or lights during poses.
Registration to the Cosplay Walk-on

Pre-registration is done with a Google Form. Groups need to choose one member to act as their contact person.

The first 15 individuals or groups to pre-register will get to take part in the Cospaly Walk-on.

Register to the Cosplay Walk-on:

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