Thursday—Sunday, 1.—4.8.2024

Assembly Summer 2024

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🕹️ Calling all game developers, enthusiasts, amateurs, professionals, and students! 🎮 ASM Game Jam is back to Assembly🚀🌟

A game jam like no other, ASM Game Jam brings together creative minds from diverse backgrounds to innovate and create new games in a thrilling, fast-paced weekend of game development. 🚀⏰ Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a budding talent, this is your chance to showcase your skills and imagination!

As always, the ASM Game Jam will have an exciting shared theme to spark your creativity. Join forces with friends or make new connections by teaming up with strangers – the choice is yours! 🤝🌈 With limited time and resources, but an unlimited supply of creativity, your team will race against the clock to produce the most incredible game possible.

🎮 We welcome all technology enthusiasts! You have the freedom to choose the technology that best suits your jam game. Just remember to bring your own computer and any other equipment you might need. If you have special equipment requests, don’t hesitate to contact us in advance.

The jamming festivities kick off on Thursday, allowing you to make the most of the entire duration of the jam. Join us before the lights go out at Messukeskus for an unforgettable start! 🌟 But fear not if you can’t make it on Thursday; you can still jump in on Friday or Saturday to be part of this exhilarating experience.

Ready to secure your spot? Grab our affordable ASM Game Jammer ticket, which includes a computer place and grants you full access to the exciting Assembly area. If you already have a computer place from Assembly you can also grab the free ticket and jam from your own seat! 

Get your game face on and prepare for a jam-packed adventure at ASM Game Jam – where creativity knows no bounds and the gaming spirit runs wild! 🎉🕹️ 


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