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Cosplay competition

Saturday, 24.2.2024

Assembly Winter 2024

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Cosplay competition will be seen again at ASSEMBLY Winter! In the competition, participants compete separately with costumes and performances, either individually or in groups, and the audience has the opportunity to vote for their favorite as the Audience Favorite!


Sat 16:00 – 17:30

Main Stage

Cosplay-kilpailu ja Walk-on

Cosplay is a versatile hobby that combines fandom, crafts, acting, and many other diverse skills! It’s a globally popular pastime where people create their costumes in their own way. Some make their costumes from scratch, others modify ready-made clothes, while some purchase their outfits ready-made.

In Assembly’s cosplay competition, prizes are awarded based on costumes for Best Individual and Best Group, performance for Best Individual Performance and Best Group Performance, and a public vote for the Audience Favorite.



Best Solo: 300€

Best Group: 400€

Best Solo Performance: 100€

Best Group Performance: 200€


Rules and participation information

The rules can be found here (in Finnish only). The sign up has already closed as both solo and group categories are full. However, we warmly welcome all cosplay enthusiasts to watch the show at ASSEMBLY Winter’24!

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