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Cosplay Walk-on

Saturday, 24.2.2024

Assembly Winter 2024

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New concept for cosplay enthusiasts! Come and showcase your cosplay on the main stage of ASSEMBLY Winter’24.

Cosplay Walk-on is a new concept seen at Assembly events, where cosplay enthusiasts have the opportunity to walk on the main stage of Assembly to showcase their costumes, either alone or in groups!

Cosplay Walk-on is not a competition, but rather a celebration of cosplay in the form of self-made, purchased, or modified costumes. Registration for Cosplay Walk-on is done in advance through a separate form, and registrants must have their own admission to Assembly through a computer spot, day ticket, or by being an organizer at Assembly.

In Cosplay Walk-on, the cosplay character can be from any source, and the costume can be self-made, bought ready-made, made together with friends, or even modified from ready-made clothes.

Cosplay Walk-on will be seen in conjunction with the Cosplay competitions at ASSEMBLY Winter events.

Cosplay Walk-on Rules

  • Every registrant must have self-acquired admission to the ASSEMBLY Winter 2024 event.
  • The event does not provide admission for Cosplay Walk-on participants.
  • Walk-on registration can be done individually or in groups of 2-9 people.
  • Group costumes must be from the same source.
  • Costumes can be from any media; comics, movies, animations, video games, books, or tabletop role-playing games, as long as the character is not a fan version or the participant’s own character (OC).
  • There is no age limit for participating in Cosplay Walk-on, but in the case of very young participants, we encourage a parent or guardian to accompany them.
  • Participants must submit at least one photo of the cosplay character, preferably a full-body photo showing the character in full. The photo will be projected onto the stage screen during each participant’s stage turn.
  • Participants must declare whether their costume/costumes are self-made, purchased, or made from ready-made parts.
  • Prohibited prop types at the event and in Cosplay Walk-on include:
    • weapon replicas
    • wooden and metal baseball bats
    • long metal chains
    • real hunting or sports bows
    • all types and sizes of knives, bladed weapons, and scissors made of metal
    • props and toys capable of firing any kind of ammunition (airsoft guns, NERF guns, etc.)
    • props over 180cm in length, regardless of the material
  • Information pre-declared by participants (character information, source, whether the costume is self-made, purchased, modified, or custom-made) will be announced aloud by presenters during each participant’s stage time.
  • Stage time can either be just posing or a pre-declared small performance that moves around the stage and ends with exiting the stage.
  • Each participant will have the same amount of time on stage, regardless of whether they pose or perform a small act.
  • Separate audio and lighting are not possible during stage appearances.

Registration for Cosplay Walk-on

Registration is done via a Google Forms form. Groups should choose one of their members to act as the contact person.

The first 15 registrants, either individuals or groups, will be accepted for Walk-on.

Registeration is in Finnish. Register for Cosplay Walk-On:

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