• Cables demo workshop


Cables demo workshop

Torstai, 4.8.2022

Assembly Summer 2022

Osta liput

Come join us with your laptop and learn to use for creating demos of your own from 18 to 20 o’clock at creative! No sign-up required. is an intuitive tool for creating realtime audiovisual content. Everything runs in a browser and the content is stored in the cloud. No software, frameworks or libraries need to be installed. Cables is a node based system where you drag links from operators to each other. You don’t need to write any code but whenever you want, you can just open up the hood and write operators of your own.

You don’t need to be able to code for this workshop. We will cover several areas of the tool and will design templates that makes it a little easier to start designing the demo.

Before participating in this workshop you’ll need to create an account at and you might want to test to make sure that some of the demo patches run on your computer. You can also test editing any patch you can find there by clicking ”Open In Editor” on the corner if you wish to get more familiar with the editor.


See also the rules for Demo workshop compo in Scene Lounge Rules

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