• ASSEMBLY Winter 2024 ticket sales start now - grab the Early Nerd offer!
ASSEMBLY Winter 2024 Early Nerd


ASSEMBLY Winter 2024 ticket sales start now - grab the Early Nerd offer!

Thursday, September 21, 2023

The ticket sales for ASSEMBLY Winter 2024 has started! Grab your LAN seat tickets with the Early Nerd discount and you get to pick up the best places of the LAN hall instantly!


The ticket sales for the four-day ASSEMBLY Winter 2024, held during the winter break week, have started with the Early Nerd campaign on Thursday, September 21. During the campaign, you can purchase tickets at a discounted price and you can immediately choose your preferred seat in the LAN-hall! 

Check out the ticket categories and prices on our Tickets page.

The gaming festival celebrates digital culture and communities

Assembly is Finland's largest gaming and digital culture festival, featuring the country's largest LAN area, creator/influencer program, open gaming area Assygames, esports tournaments, and a lively and appealing EXPO area.

At the partner booths in the EXPO area, you can find unique offers and discounts in computer electronics and gaming gear, explore the latest games and technology, and participate in gaming activities and tournaments. The program also includes the highly popular cosplay competition.

At Assembly, you can play games, meet friends, enjoy the diverse program, participate in game tournaments and activities, and explore the EXPO booths. Gaming and being together with like-minded individuals is the heart of Assembly. 

Come as you are, with or without a computer

There are two types of tickets for the event: LAN seat tickets and visitor tickets for day or weekend visitors who do not bring their own computer. For LAN seats, you can bring your own computer or gaming console.

For those attending the event without their own gaming device, there is plenty to do every day: attendees can play freely at various booths and with different gaming devices. Visitors get to experience both retro games and the latest technology.

The event is safe and suitable for all ages for people who are interested in gaming and digital culture. Event staff, including security guards, first aid responders, and harassment contact persons, are available around the clock. Assembly is a substance-free and age-limit-free event.

The recommended age limit for children attending without their parents is 13 years old. Children under 7 years old can enter for free when accompanied by an adult. 

Early nerds grab a ticket at a discount!

LAN seat tickets are available at a lower Early Nerd price until the end of 2023. Normal prices will be in effect from January 1, 2024. LAN seat tickets are valid throughout the event and also include overnight stay and washing facilities.

LAN seats are available in the following categories: Standard, Premium, Premium K-22, and Family. Premium and Premium K-22 tickets include early access to the event on the first event day and access to the cozy Premium Lounge, where there is coffee and snack service throughout the event.

The Premium K-22 ticket is intended for LAN participants over 22 years old.Family LAN seats are intended for families attending the event together.

Family seats are located in their own tranquil tables, allowing you to meet other participating families as well. All family members must have tickets for the event.

The event's diverse program and schedule will be announced during the latter part of 2023. 

You can explore ticket categories on the Tickets page or at

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